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HH New BuildingIs your congregation protected by a true church insurance company? Has your company designed their program to meet the highly specialized needs of churches? Is your leadership protected for standing by their beliefs? If your congregation is attack by an active shooter, what will your insurance company do to help your congregation get through it?

These are just a few of the questions that arise from unique church exposures that are in our world today.

At Webb Pickard, one of our passions is helping institutions of faith protect their most unique exposures by customizing insurance policies to meet their needs so that when loss happens, ministry work goes on, uninterrupted. There are many insurance companies that “write” church insurance but they do not offer valuable coverage within the insurance package for things like Directors and Officers Coverage, Expression of Faith Coverage and Sexual Molestation Coverage.

We recognize the importance that even in light of loss and tragedy, the work of the church must go on. We saw, first-hand, the difference in a company that was committed to immediate response after one of our church client’s assembly was attacked. One member was killed and many wounded in the shooting. Insurance company representatives rushed to the scene and offered help and support directly to the leadership. Legal assistance was offered, counseling services to members explained and even coaching sessions were provided to the leadership in communicating with the media which had descended on the church. Liability and property adjusters were assigned immediately to help get funds rolling to repair the building and medical bills paid for the injured.


We are proud to represent two church insurance companies. They offer coverages that are unique to church exposures along with strong financial ratings, dedication to excellent claims service and valuable resources to help you keep your congregation safe. We saw it first-hand!

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